[Solved] How to make a Save and Load system?

Ok, so I have been watching some Youtube videos on How to make a Save and Load system on GDevelop. I just don’t understand the events and conditions and actions! I am a beginner and I wouldn’t exactly call myself a developer YET. Also, I use the online version of GDevelop since I only have a chromebook.

I Know that there are these storage conditions and such, but I don’t know how to use them. What I am asking for is when the gamer leaves the game I created to-go drink some coffee lets say. He comes back to the game and he clicks the LOAD GAME button, and It brings him back to the last checkpoint or level where he was before he left the game!

Now, I know that I get a bit less respect for using the online version of GDevelop, but I just wanted to learn how to Make a Save and Load system. It would be a HUGE accomplishment for my games! Thx!


Just to clarify: There’s no loss of respect for using the online version of GDevelop, you just need to make sure you understand that it is not considered a full version of the engine, and support is limited.

As far as your questions, there are numerous built in examples for saving and loading. I’d recommend checking out the Level Selection Unlock example, and the Save Load example. Once you understand how they are set up, you can apply your checkpoint logic to those same events.

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ok. Good news. I got it to work.
bad news. A few problems. This is what I got.

The problem is when I load the game, The character does not move. Can you help me?

Best guess: You’re missing a Trigger Once condition on your load events, so it’s constantly setting your player to the new position.

Same is true for your save. “E is pressed” will still happen for more than one frame.

Also note: Your Save event has a different string than your load event. (character.Variable(ID) in the save, but BluePlayer.Variable(ID) in the load)

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OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH IT WORKED!!!----Cough–I mean–Thankyou! It took a while but I finally figured it out! Thankyou!

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