[Solved] How to make Virtual Control work smoothly?

Hi everyone!
I’m make a platformer game where I use Virtual control to play:
LEFT/ RIGHT and ATTACK buttons
My problem is on mobile:
When I touched (by Left hand) on RIGHT/ LEFT to move player, it worked perfectly.
But when player is moving, I touch(by right hand) on ATTACK button, my player stopped moving ??
The player will be hold until I retouch on RIGHT/LEFT again, thus quick action is terrible
Please help me fix this? Thank you so much !!

ATTACK Control

Deactivate moving the mouse cursor with touches. That will solve it

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Hi! Can you show me where to put this action? Tks!

Add an action → search cursor, and you will find Deactivate moving the mouse cursor, set it to false.

Dear! I’ve tried so many time, and it still doesnot work :frowning :frowning:
When I touch the fire button, it happens one time, then everything will stop, I can’t make anything move

Add the action “Move mouse cursor when touching screen” at the beginning of the scene

Bro, I’m so confused about how touch/cursor works. Can you please put two action in event then send me a picture? I actually don’t know where to put the “Deactivate moving the mouse cursor with touches”. Thanks!

When deactivating the action :mouse cursor when touching screen:, it enables the multi touch support.


It works!!! Thank you so much, bro! :slight_smile: