(Solved) How to Permanently edit scale of my sprite

I scaled down my sprite manually on the screen. it’s currently 94x94 (originally it’s 2k). However, when I do a certain Action, it returns to it’s original size ratio. I don’t want to change the actual size of my png file because it would get all pixelated. Please help.

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try changing the size in piskel

Hi tes! I tried and it got blurry.

Hey, which action is changing the size?

I’m not entirely sure, but when I tried making my game save/load, I made a checkpoint. And, in preview it just went big. I’m sorry I can’t show what I did, I deleted the event immediately after.

You can just add an action to change the size to 94x94 at the beginning of the scene. It should stay at that size unless you add an action that changes the size, or if the object is deleted then created.

Thank you insein! I’ll try doing that.