(Solved) How to put one animation over another

Hi people, i got a small problem.
1.- I have one animation for the player on the floor.
2.- Another for player walking.
3.- And another that is played under the condition player makes a collision with an object or enemy, to move it, break it, or kill it, the problme is that is seems to be in a crush with the other animation, so the duration of this one is like 0.01s before it changes to the others animations if i’m walking to animation2 and if not to animation1. Even if i make it a loop also changes in like 0.01s, is an animation nearly invisible… Is there any way to complete this animation before changes to another? Since the collision only last 0.01s also the animation…

I have to set timers to solve this, so when i hit the enemy, the animation stands 0.07s in my case, no matter what.

This is how you fix player destroy animation.

  1. Add a sprite and add all images on Animation 0, but on last one there must be nothing (Of course, If you want easy way)
  2. Then you do Create object method at position of your player.
    Just look at this picture:

hahaha, that’s not what i was asking, when i say one animation over another i meant of the same object :stuck_out_tongue:, but i understand what you mean with it because i also use this method! :stuck_out_tongue: hahaha big casuality, i use it to display the death of the enemies and also when i break an object, you are clever as i am :stuck_out_tongue:, nice one.

I also though about use blood when i kill an enemy but maybe this quit me some posible users since the parents won’t allow to play their kids my game :stuck_out_tongue: watch out with this :sunglasses: