[SOLVED] How to remove microunits after (dot) in numbers?

This is a counter I made to display a variable as it goes +1 by the second.
How can I make so the microunits (ex. 0.00001101) won’t be displayed?

Before using the to string use the round expresion…
ex :- To String(round(Your Odd number)))

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Thanks for the help. I am not sure how to do that… a bit further help would highly be appreciated:

*“Money” is the variable

Check this example https://we.tl/t-fWGNHLw10L

I am starting to feel really stupid.
Sorry, people, still haven’t figured it out. I have included the project just in case.
Current Project


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you don’t have to use timedelta but a simple scene timer.

For countdowns timers are good, but for counting up they aren’t very good. Adding time delta * time scale to a variable every frame is more reliable.

i meant timedelta is not for display. timer or variables is for display. I dont know what are he/she want with it other than its value to be rounded and displayed. but if I said stupidity, I apologize.