[SOLVED] How to show Q1 score in Q2 score?

Hi, my game is about answering 5 questions. The score in my game need to collect from the 5 questions then will come out with the final score at the end of the 5 questions. For a correct answer you get 10 points and for incorrect answer you get -5 points.

The problem of my game now:
My game the score in Q1 is able to record but when click next to Q2 the score from Q1 is not showing at the beginning of the scene. It is the problem to all the questions.
The video to the problem

Question 1

Question 2

The score flow that I want for my game:
The flow of the score for my game is Q1 score will go to Q2 showing Q1 score at the beginning of the scene. After that at Q2 the score from Q1 + Q2 score will be the final score of Q2 then the score will go to Q3 showing Q2 score at the beginning of the scene. It will be the same until Q5 then after answering it will be showing the final score.

This game is being tested using Android Google Chrome.
Thank you for taking the time to read, If anyone can help it would be appreciated.

There’s a lot to read but I don’t see an action to change the score text object in scene 2 that’s triggered by an at the beginning of the scene condition. I only see actions that change the score after the score has been changed.

Thank you for the advice, problem solved it is working now. The score from Q1 will show at Q2.
This is the code.

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