[Solved]How to store object in variable?

For example, store sprite object selected, next or near.

Just use an object’s variable that you set to 1 on the selected object (and 0 on the others). Then, you’ll be able to get back the object by using the condition “The variable selected of MyObjectHere is =1”

Ok, thanks.

But, this way you need search the object every time.

Perhaps, is it possible access to object by unique ID or identification number?

They are not id to object’s instances.

In both of my projects, all object generated have an unique ID based on variable object. Ok i have to check if id=xx anytime depending on what i do, but even with 1000+ object, it only took 1/2ms on the render, wich is acceptable at this point… I’d like so much to see a SQLite extension … :slight_smile:

Instantiate your objects.