[Solved] How to subtract from a displayed value?😫

Hi… i need help pls.

I have “Coins :” displayed on my GUI for coins that the player picks up during quests and it works perfectly for picking up the coin and adding 1 to the Global Variable and displays fine but the problem is that I cant subtract :frowning:

I use “Modify the text of a Text Object” to change the values and in the Value section in looks like this "Coins : " + GlobalVariableString(Coins) which adds one coin each time the player collects a coin but Im not allowed to enter “-” into the Value line…

How do I subtract 2 from the Global Variable and Display it?

Im doing a RPG Topdown style based game.

Oh never mind :joy: that’s just to edit the display of the value. To actually change the value I needed to edit the variable :joy: I answered my own question all along​:joy:

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