[SOLVED] HTML5 Export Images


I finally decided to make a new game, but images aren’t displaying on export and music isn’t playing. The files are in the same folders as the game. Yes, it is all live on my server here: https://pluckygames.com/games/luck/

Please excuse the minimal effort on graphics (better termed “placeholders”) in the screenshot and I don’t really have an official title yet. I literally just did the programming today. :sweat_smile:

You can still click on the circles, just can’t see them or the emoji or hear the music.

I’m using the latest release of GD (5.0.121). Operating system is Windows 10.


Okay, it seems I fixed the issue with the graphics. It was the folder settings in game properties. I was going to mark this topic “solved” but the music is still not playing, so I’ll keep tinkering with it. The live access may go up and down since I usually delete existing uploads Vs. overwriting files. Meanwhile, if anyone has any suggestions or advice on how to fix the audio issue, I’m all ears.

EDIT 2: (Solved)

Music is working now. I forgot that you have to interact with the game or whatever before audio plays. I should note that the music events were not working (regardless of interaction) when they were in an external sheet. Now they are directly in the index event sheet.