[Solved] I just want a continuously rotating sprite!

I want to smoothly rotate a sprite (that’s always on-screen) at a rate of 6 degrees per second continuously for the duration of the game.

Other objects will likely collide with the rotating sprite but I don’t want these to upset its rotational speed, or move the sprite.

I’m brand new and appreciate this sounds really easy but I’ve tried and can’t find how to do it! Any help you can give would be great.

Hi, I can only recommend to make two or three of the tutorial projects: GDevelop 5 tutorials - GDevelop documentation They will teach you most of the basic concepts and will help you to find a solution for a lot of stuff you probably need for making your game.

This is how you rotate a sprite:

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Thanks Drona. I’ve watched and followed a lot of tutorials and you’re right, most are really helpful. I think with Rotate it was my Condition that was the problem - I’d set it as At Start Of Scene since that’s when I wanted the movement to start, but since your reply I’ve experimented and found Always works as the Condition.

Thanks again, I appreciate your help! :grinning:

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Actually I think you’ll find it much more useful to have the rotate action in an event with no condition. That way it behaves the same as always but the code is simpler. If you want it start at a certain time set the condition to a Boolean variable.

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Thank you weadsy1 - I actually thought we always needed a condition! :crazy_face: