[Solved] I need some help with collisions involving the Platform behaviour

Alright, so I was starting to craft a boss fight with Satan as the enemy you need to damage. The player has a dash that doubles as a damaging attack, so naturally, I made it so that when the dash animation was playing and the player collided with Lucifer, he would take damage and his “Hurt” animation would play. However, good ol’ 666 dude wouldn’t take any damage, I dashed, and it didn’t do anything.

I gave Lucifer the Platform behaviour because I wanted him to be solid, so I removed it, and it worked perfectly, only he wasn’t a solid object anymore.

I tried messing around with his hitboxes, I even made an endoskeleton that would actually be the one taking damage and covered him up with Lucifer’s sprite, but it seems like the Platform behaviour just doesn’t like collisions. Screenshots of the event sheet below:

You don’t want him to move around? If that’s the case you actually don’t need to give him this behavior (unless you want your Blobert to be able to climb on Lucifer). Of course I don’t know what your goal with this is, but is there anything that speaks against placing/spawning the Lucifer sprite at its position without the platformer behavior? Without any movement action it will just stand there as solid as a rock.

That doesn’t seem to be the case though. Without the Platform behaviour I just dash right through him, but if I give him the Platform behavior he’s solid, but I don’t do any damage to him.

I see. To avoid that your Blobert is dashing through Lucifer you could try to use the “Separate objects” action. There you can set which object is moving and which one is not.

Hey, that worked! Thanks a bunch.

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