[Solved in b110] Object rotation bug?

the top half of the object doesn’t kill the player, the lower part does kill. the hit box is on default.
Anyone knows what is happening? (I want the entire object to kill the player) thanks

I knew the problem. Moving the center point to one end has also moved the hitbox by 50%. But it looks like it was fixed a while ago. Pls try the new “Draw collisions hitboxes” action.

Is the object scaled up? If so that can break it if you aren’t using a tiled sprite

i moved the center point back to the center and still doesn’t work. By “Draw collisions hitboxes” you mean “use a custom collison mask”? if yes, yes i tried that before and doesn’t work. Otherwise where is “draw collision hitboxes” please?

it’s not scaled up. i am using a normal sprite. if i use a tiled sprite the object just rotetes from the center, you can’t “edit points” on a tiled sprite right?

It’s new action, it shows the hitbox in the preview.
So you can see if there is no hitbox on half of your object.

The problem could also be what MisterBread009 says.
Use a graphic in its final size without scaling it in GD.

To be clear, scaled objects hotboxes should scale along with them.

There are no open bugs that I am aware of for scaling issues with the collision mask, so I’d definitely want to see what it looks like with the debug masks enabled.

I remember opening one, a long time ago.

I thought that ended up being related to the collision mask editor making stuff larger than it should have…I thought that was fixed I. B100.

I’d definitely like to see both with the mask/points view enabled.

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sorry how do i enable debug masks? (no IT background)
or if it’s faster made a dummy


thank you very much. only this shows tho


What version of Gdevelop are you on? Newest is b110 and a bunch of collision changes happened in b108

Updated. The bug is gone. When jack sent the last screen I though there could be a new version but i clicked check for updates and the program said i was running the latest one. I guess not. Thank you for your time guys <3