[Solved] Is changing object colour power heavy?

Hi, I want to ask if changing object colour (tint in beta102) is power heavy. I am making different theme for my game, like the enemy, player, BG colours will change. I am currently using the “change colour” to change the colour of white objects. I currently have 6 themes and I don’t feel it being power hungry. But, I am planning to have many more themes. So, is changing colour or having animation for different themes better. I am also making a online HTML5 version. So, it also has to work in HTML5. Thanks

While I could be wrong, As far as I know the change color event only uses CPU cycles while it is in the process of changing the color. The tint then gets stored as part of the texture in the game.

Unless you’re rapidly cycling through colors on hundreds of objects, you should be fine. Just make sure you trigger the color change with a trigger once so it’s not being set every frame.

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