(SOLVED) Is there a way to tell when text-to-speech stops talking?

How do i check when text to speech has stopped speaking?
I am talking about the built in GDevelop extention but im if you cant do it with the built in gdevelop tts then is there any alternative?
thanks :slight_smile:
update: solved it!

it has officialy been 24 hours with no replies

Not that I have used a text-to-speech extension. But unless there’s an event that checks this, Then not really. Unless you are cracked at coding.

I only see 2 actions, speak and stopSpeaking. So, as is. No. I don’t see any functions. It uses Javascript. Maybe the function can be added. IDK. It doesn’t appear to work on mobiles.

I’m not familiar with the subject best to try Google or a Chat Bot. It probably needs to be done in JavaScript.

thanks for the help but i contacted the creator of the extention and he added it! i dont think the extention has been updated on the official gdevelop version so i had to download a .json version
you get what i mean… propably


Do you have a link to that version or the page for the future?

heres the discord link to the message with the code

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