[SOLVED] Issue on object size

Hi friends!
I have 3 images. All of them have the same size (48x48), but as you can clearly see, the animation #0 is smaller than ther other 2. (image1)
If I change the points position to x=24, y=24, it should go to the center of my image. It does in animations #1 and #2 (image 3), but not in animation #0. (image 2).
I made the images in Photoshop. They’re all the same. I just rotate it, that’s why I’m sure they have the same size.
I already deleted them from the game and from the folder. Exported them again, but I keep having same issue.
Any help on that please?
Thank you !

im sure, your sprites are NOT the same size.
check the size of all your images.

or inside the game, with piskel:

You cannot be sure. I checked before posting.


did you have other images before? maybe piskel didnt update or bugged.
if so, try to remove unused resources and restart gd.

No. I didn’t have the same images before.
Gonna try it. Thanks for now!

I didn’t remove any objects. It worked after closing and restarting gd. I guess piskel bugged!
Many Thanks!