[Solved] Issues with remote preview

Hello there GDevelopers!

I’m having issues with remote preview. My mobile device doesn’t connect and times out after a couple of minutes when I type in the IP address in my browser. I’m running GDevelop on a Windows computer and trying to connect with the Chrome browser on Android and iOS devices. Here is a troubleshooting checklist:

  • I’m on the same router as my computer and even connected on the same 5ghz wifi signal.
  • I’ve tried allowing ports on my firewall for incoming and outgoing connections, allowing GDevelop.exe on the firewall, even disabling the firewall altogether (I’m on Windows).
  • I’ve tried running GDevelop as administrator.

Nothing has worked for me so far. I’ve been exporting my game as an HTML5 game and uploading to itch.io for previewing which is getting tedious for making minor tweaks and troubleshooting, so I’d like to eliminate some steps for previewing.

Thanks so much!

Maybe your computer has multiple local IPs, and the one displayed by GDevelop is not the correct one. Try to use ipconfig to see if you have other IP addresses and try those out.

I think you’re right there may have been a conflict. I restarted my computer and it worked! Thanks! I’ll add that to my troubleshooting checklist.