[Solved]Layer time auto close

How i do 10 second after layer auto close?

Create a scene timer when you hide the Layer.

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Thank you MrMen.I’m looking.

Where im wrong ?

I’m not sure. What is it doing? Describe your actions, what happens for those actions and what you’d like to see happen. That’d make helping a lot easier :slight_smile:

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İ need help UILayer text auto close 10 second after.

I understand that. But I’m referring to the screenshot of the events you posted. What do they do? Describe your actions and what happens with each action, and what you’d expect it to do.

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İm beginner.Sorry my bad english.İ look scene timer and tutorials after i add timer but not work.Here where i add timer 10 second after auto close text i dont know.İm effort but i cant.

Try this:

And then still have the last event you’ve got in your event screen shot.


Yes this work.You are great.Thank you very much MrMen. :slightly_smiling_face: