[Solved] Layers are not switching

why my layers are not switching ? I mean they wont go up and down by holding the left click? Somebody help me!!!

Did you click on the two horizontal lines on the left and tried to drag the layer?

yes, isn’t this the procedure?

Yes, and it doesn’t work for you?

I can drag the layers as usual so I would guess it is not a general problem of the software. Did you try to exit and reload Gdevelop?

I have tried even i thought :thinking: there might be some problem in my game then i opened another project from the examples,did the same but layers didn’t switch…

That’s strange. Let’s see if anyone else has this problem. Again, for me it works.

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Alright,but thanks for your assistance…

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It’s working normally here too. Only the “Background color” cannot be changed. Are you using the latest version of Gdevelop?

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Thanks for giving time…It was not working but I reinstalled Gdevelop AND now its working really great :smiley::+1:…

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