[Solved] Left to right health bar

Hello, i’ve been trying to make a health bar that goes from left to right instead of the more common right to left but after some research i couldn’t find something that would help my case. I have tried with tiled sprites but realised it might be simpler with a normal sprite, tried flipping but it didn’t change anything, i’ve seen something about the origin point but i don’t know what to do with said origin point. I would appreciate if anyone could help me deal with this issue.

I suggest you to move the origin point of the sprite on the left.
Then, each time the energy decreases, move the bar on the right.

Energy 5, position 1
Energy 4, position 2
and so on.


Thank you for your reply, may i ask which menu are you in, in the screenshot ?

Nevermind that, i found a solution using your technique, thanks for your help.

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