[SOLVED] Makd an object be created no every individual of an object

They thing is i’m making a Game with particles, and they enemies got particles but i cannot configure their particles to appear un every individual of the object, can dime one help me?

Hi, honestly your question is difficult to understand. If you want to attach particles to several objects you need to use a For each - event and probably a ‘link two objects’ - action.

Here is a possible solution (you just have to exchange ‘follow’ with your particle object):

But it also depends on the way how you create the enemies.

Sorry youre right, it was difficult to explain. Let me try thanks!

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It didnt work, maybe with the image explains it, i want to create particles to follow both of them, but they always follow the one in the left

Could you show your events?

I tried creating 2 times the object, but is like i tell you

Instead of a normal event block for the second part you need a For each - block. You can find that here: Capture_add

Or you right-click in your events → add other → for each object

Thanks, sorry for that.

No need to be sorry. Does it work now?

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It does it a bit weird, but works, thanks again

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