[SOLVED] Make a variable share data between another scene

Hi, so I am making my first game with GDevelop, but I am in a medium state of coding without GDevelop, I know how to use variables, but Scene Variables are a mess. So I want to make a scene variable to be able to pass data from a scene to another. I am trying to make a save system and a save page so that the player can have multiple saves to play with. Is there a way to make only variables and not “Scene Variables”? If I can make a variable, how do I? And if I do create a variable, then can I make it pass data between scenes?

You cannot directly pass scene variable values between scenes - their scope is only for the particular scene they are created in. Use global variables instead - their scope is project wide and can be accessed by any scene.

Oh wait, let me try it. And thank you for the idea!