[Solved] Making a true / false Condition to Change the Scene

Hello to everyone,

I ám glad that i finaly found this usefull tool :slight_smile:

i have a question:
I build up some Scenes that you can access with a click on a Button.

  • So in one Scene there is like a Timer, and if you click a Button, and are faster than the timer i want to direct the Player to Scene (A).
  • On the other Hand, If he isn´t fast enough and the Timer finishes before the Player, the Player will be directed to Scene (B).

How can i accomplish a Action like that ?
(The Scene only contains Sounds, a Button and a Sprite Animation)

And here is a Screenshot of the current Events

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

Here is a Image, i hope you understand my Problem, and sorry for my lack of English.

Ok, i solved the issue for my purpose :slight_smile:
Here is my fix.