[Solved] Manual compiling with electron?

is there any benefit to compiling with electron builder as opposed to using gdevelop’s cloud compiling? i searched around wiki and forums and see stuff on “how to do it” but nothing telling me “why would you want to do it.”

The GDevelop cloud services are rate limited so you can only use them a few times a day, while you can compile locally as much as you want.

i have the pro or high tier or whatever it’s called subscription, so i highly doubt i will ever need to compile more than 70 times a day :slight_smile: i doubt i would need more than the amount in the free tier really, i just wanted to support this software cuz it rocks.

so that’s the only difference? is there any performance benefits, or any difference at all between a game i compile myself with yarn and electron, and a game compiled on gdevelop servers?

The only performance difference will be the time it takes to compile. Locally will be much faster.

Functionally, other differences will be that you can use a signing certificate if compiling locally for PC, or more control ovee custom keys for moblile.

That’s about it

ok thanks for the info.

feel free to close the topic since my questions were all answered :smiley:

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