[SOLVED] Menu selection slot "jumped"

Hi, I’m making a Menu with 3 slots
But when I want to go to the file 2 It goes directly to files 3 (When pressing down)
When I’m at file 3 I can go to file 2 and 1 without “jumping” the file 2 (When pressing Up)

The Menu :

The code :

Cut the 1 to 2 and paste it where 2 to 3 is, then cut 2 to 3 and paste it where 1 to 2 was.

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Wow it works thanks ! But I dont get why tho lol could you explain ? Ik gdevelop work from top to down but why THIS order ?

In the previous setup, when you jump from 1 to 2, the conditions of 2 to 3 are also met in the same frame, and the key released condition is still true.

The key released only lasts one frame, so by inverting the order, the condition gets false before the 2 to 3 is read


Oh ! Impressive ! Thanks for the explaination ! :smiley: