[Solved] Mouse doesn't move while Player character moves

I am making a game where you move your mouse to shoot zombies while the player character is moving (you are controlling them), but every time I test the mouse stops working when the player moves.

Anything would help, Thanks

{Edit} PS: Player moves from WASD

{Edit 2}

{Edit 3} So It was happening because I was using a touchpad instead of a mouse. if you are having the same problem, use a mouse.

Can you show us your events?

Ok, I put the events

What do you mean by the mouse stops working?

And what movement behaviour are you using? If it’s top down, uncheck rotate object in the behaviour editor screen.

Every time I move my character with WASD the mouse stops moving. I am using top down, but I had that already unchecked.

I’ve created the same and I can’t replicate your issue. Do you have any behaviours on the cursor object?

If there’s nothing, try closing GDevelop and the opening it up again.

There is no Behaviors on the cursor, and I tried to close it and open it. It still happens. I am going to try to remake it and see if it will work.

{Edit} It still doesn’t work

So I fixed it. I wasn’t using a mouse and was using a touchpad instead. Sorry for wasting your time.

It wasn’t time wasted. I’m curious to why the touchpad doesn’t work. I’ve tried it on my laptop, and it works, but there seems to be an occasional delay or lag between finger movement and the object moving. I can only think it must be that Windows processes it differently to a touch on the screen and the mouse movement.