[Solved] MQTT Unsubscribe from topic

I am still working on my game Elements and cannot seem to figure out this bug. When I switch scene from the game to the lobby the scene which creates the lobby does not seem to receive the onmessages or publish messages anymore on the topic that I am subscribed. I also would like to be able to unsubscribe from topics if possible. That is because when someone starts a game the topic is the players id and the clients subscribe to that topic but it would happen twice if they end the game and would like to start another. I am at the end of a rope here and cannot seem to figure it out. It also happens when for example a client goes enters a room and decides to leave it. After that if he wants to enter again it seems the communication just stops or goes extremely slowly. Sometimes if I let the program just wait then suddenly after 5-10 minutes they suddenly see each other in the lobby again (something clearly is stagnating communications). This switching scenes (i use change to scene) has me very confused. When I switch for example from scene A to B then from B to C and from C back to A. Does scene A start fresh again or does is go on like it was before without going through the at the beginning of the scene condition?

Any help would be great because I would love to get rid of this bug very very much.

A scene will restart (beginning of the scene), if it was not paused & resumed.

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I have found the culprit. It was a not so smart programming move my part of course. At the end of the scene I was crowning the winner indefinitely by creating an object. Well that will freeze any computer. Iā€™m sorry to have bothered anyone here the case is closed. Learned a good lesson :slight_smile: