[Solved] Multiplayer: Create multiplayer object picks all instances instead of last one

How do I…

I don’t know what I am missing. Target is, that player spawns creature and that creature walks towards oponent.

What is the actual result

That works until moment when oponent spawns creature of the same type. In that moment all creatures of that type starts to walk towards one player only (last oponent).

It is like if in moment of spawning new createure actual player gains control of all instances, but I can’t see why is that happening.

Related screenshots

Please, I am stucked here, anyone can help?

So far with multiple testing I came to a point, that changing players_id is applied to all instances instead of last create one:

Here is actual code, result still same:

Can I in this case report a bug? Or do i still miss something?

Ok I reported this as a bug. Realy sorry if I am wrong.

I added test to check how many instances are picked after creating object - all of them:


I found a way how to get around it before this problem is solved. If anyone will have more elegant solution, I’ll be happy for any suggestions:

So finally problem was in object picking in condition - multiple objects was picked due to using value comparison of object variable - that triggered object picking of all objects (Goblin is object and mana_cost objects variable):