[SOLVED] Multiple text entries?

can i have text entry 1 change only box 1 and text entry 2 change only box 2?
so far i’m doing this an it’s not working:

i want the player to click each letter space and put 1 letter. i can’t have a box for the entire word, because the player woudn’t know how many letters the secret word would have

when i input the letter for the first space, the same letter appears in the 2 spaces.

thank you

If you have two text entry objects, I think it should work :thinking:

i have (see screenshot events before string) it’s not working. thank you

If you can provide a dummy project showing the bug, it will help us investigate.

OK, it seems indeed that the text entry objects share the same buffer.
Here’s a fix for you:
You’ll need to put all your letter objects in a Group.

awesome, thank you very much for your time Gruk! :slight_smile: