[Solved] My game is stuck and I need some testers. Please download and help me test if it is stuck! Thank you!

My game has a lag phenomenon. I hope players can leave a message to see if they have encountered a lag phenomenon. Thank you!

link:Escape from Demon Island - Beta version | Play on gd.games

I don’t know how many people will be keen to download the game (I’m assuming it’s an executable), so there may not be many who will help in that regard. Do you suffer the same problem if you publish it on GD games?

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I have already posted it on GD games, thank you!
I will modify the link above. Thank you for your help!

It can’t be found:


Very sorry, it has been fixed now. Sorry!

Nice looking and sounding game. And I see what you mean by lag - the game feels a bit sluggish.

  1. Do you have many layer effects? If so, disable them when they’re not in use, and enable them for the time they are needed.
  2. Does it do the same if you run it in preview from the editor? If so, run the performance analyser to see where the processing bottleneck could be.

Thank you.

My scene has many layer effects, and I have disabled them now!

The editor preview runs without this lag effect!

Thank you for your message!

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