[SOLVED] My game previewer wont load on gdevelop 5

i have added a few things in the events, and ever since ive added those, my game previewer will not load. I go and click the button to launch a preview of my scene and it loads, up until 95%, then it will not load any more.

im not sure what to do, it just gets stuck at this. ive exited and when back in it a good 5 times, still does it, i dont know what else to do besides delete the code, and that ruins the point of the game, no code=no game.
thanks, Aaron

That happens when there is something invalid written on the event sheet. I am moving that to how do I as this is not a bug but a how do I avoid this question. As you didn’t provide any details, I can only tell you to do the following:

Thank you.

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thanks for helping me out! i had just chosen the wrong conditions and actions