[solved] need help which dialogue

hello forum
I have two questions

  1. I want to make a menu for my project, but I don’t know how. how?
  2. I want to make a cut scene where several characters will exchange phrases (type I clicked on the mouse 1 “phrase 1” appeared “phrase 2” disappeared and so on several times) I understood how to sift the text of “phrases”, but the problem is that when I click the mouse, the last phrase appears immediately, skipping the rest of the dialog, I can show the events that I used if necessary
    thank you

Add a trigger once in your condition where you change the phrase.

You will need to create a new scene and put all your objects in that scene, you also need to have a button for everything, every level. And set up some events like:
Cursor or touch is on Button1
Mouse Button Pressed
Change scene to scene1

And do others similarly.

and how can I make it so that when compiling, when I finished the project, the menu scene was the first when starting a ready-made project?

You have to keep the menu at the top:

and keep other scenes down.

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it didn’t help
he still jumps to the last phrase

Then try using Mouse Released instead of Mouse Clicked

Also, can you show your events? Maybe you have done something worng

You’ll laugh

Is this all :slightly_smiling_face:?

so far, yes, but the problem is already here, the first phrase is simply not shown. there would be 5 phrases there when you click the dialog goes immediately to the fifth

Those events never will work as you want, because the conditions are the same for both add a variable to check which text should be showing then check
Begin of the scene: Variable: textToDisplay = 0

If touch left is down
Variable: textToDisplay < 5 : here put the maxnumber of texts to you want to display
Trigger Once

Actions: Change the text to text “The text number 1” to show
variable textToDisplay +=1
Show text_speak1

That’s the way to do it, but I don’t really know way you don’t use Yarn dialogs for this.

Use Mouse Button Released instead of Mouse Button is down