[SOLVED] Need Help With Climb animation

Hello, sorry for my bad english.

I can’t make the climb animation work when i hit the ‘‘up’’ key only one time, the animation only play if i hit the key twice i will post a video link : - YouTube

here is the pic of the events

Thanks Guys

PS : if the image quality is bad just tell me and i will try to take another print and sorry for the bad quality video

I think your problem might be here:

Try something like:

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i tried and it didn’t work, but thank you

Take a look down your code to see if you have any competing conditions. Either way, you’re setting three animations (two of which are the same) to happen at the same time. I think that might be why you’re getting unexpected results.

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lmao i’m so stupid hahaha, thank you man, you are right i had 3 animations to happen at the same time, we fixed it and now is working,


Bro can you tell me how to fix it please
my code is just like yours