(Solved) Need Help with Gender Switching and Animation Bugs in GDevelop

Hello fellow developers,

I’m currently working on a game in GDevelop where I have implemented a gender selection feature. However, I’m encountering some issues with the animations when switching between genders. I’m hoping that some of you experienced developers can lend a hand and provide some guidance.

Here’s a brief overview of my problem:

I suspect that the issue might be related to the joystick extension I’m using, but I’m not entirely sure. Has anyone else encountered similar animation issues when implementing gender switching or faced compatibility problems with extensions?

I have set up two boolean variables to represent the gender selection in my game.

I created an object that switches genders based on the selected boolean variable.

The issue arises when I switch genders—the animations seem to glitch or behave unexpectedly.

I’ve checked my animation setups and verified that the correct animation frames or sprite sets are assigned to each gender. I’ve also ensured that the animations are triggered correctly based on the selected gender. However, the glitches persist.

Hello, davinci and welcome!

Can you provide some screenshots of your events that are related to your issue?

I’ve successfully implemented it, this may come in handy to other people struggling with it (top-down games)

  1. Use boolean variables
  2. Use separate objects for each “skin”
  3. Use separate joysticks for each “skin” you want to implement
  4. When you switch objects DO NOT forget to turn-off all behaviors from the inactive object. usually they’re the joystick and smooth camera
  5. Change objects positions for a seamless transition