[SOLVED] New at Gdevelop - Need some guidance

Hello, Gdevelop community!

I’m glad about have heard about GDevelop. I have a good experience making games with Construct, but for my current project, it seems Construct can’t offer me the right tools.

Since I’m stuck on such limitations, I searched similar engines and here I am. The reason I’m posting this is because I want to confirm it’s possible to create a game with those attributes:

  1. Multiplayer for 2
  2. you can save your multiplayer progress/your world
  3. you and your mate can load the saved world
  4. isometric map (better if the tools to build the maps is fast)
  5. contains mobs that moves using pathfinding
  6. you can have a large inventory system

My goal is creating a survival game where you and your mate collect resources in a diverse world and craft things while you advance through human history ages. You start as paleolithic humans, and go foward until modern days. If this project goes well, I want to crowdfund it to make a MMO, paying programmers and artists.

The whole GDD and game database is done. I’m almost finishing the graphic placeholders. Now it’s time to know if Gdevelop is able to it.

Any consideration or advice is precious for me! Sorry if I sounded to ambitious, but this game is a dream for me.


Start with something small and simple and then when you get better think bigger and experiment and learn and then one day make your dream game creating it will get easier trust me I had that same experience before I even registered to the Gdevelop forums

Can these be created?

  1. Yep
  2. Yep.
  3. Yep.
  4. I mean, you can load whatever image you want as a “map”. If you explicitly mean a tilemap, no, Isometric maps are not supported, but most of the time you’re not going to use a tilemap for a survival game since you’re randomly generating plcement.
  5. Absolutely.
  6. The concept of “Inventory” is just a bunch of structured variables, so yes.

All of these concepts are pretty complex and in many cases you will have to come up with your own methods of accomplishing them via events, though, so you’re definitely going to want to go through the majority of the tutorials here: GDevelop 5 tutorials - GDevelop documentation to get a grasp of the engine and base concepts before you go down this path.

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Thanks, my friend, for being so objective.

About the isometric map, I dont want, at the beggining, to create a random world, mainly because I know I would struggle at it.

So I drew a world with 120 maps (think in something like ragnarok online map).

I’ll check those tutorials for sure!

Thanks again!

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Right! I definitively want to get used to Gdevelop first by creating some small projects.

It seems to me Gdevelop has a very similar interface to Construct interface. When I downloaded it, I felt so comfortable! So I will take the basics first, and start my project.