[Solved] New In App purchases feature

First of all, @arthuro555 and @4ian thank you for add the In App purchases feauture in GDevelop!
Please, I need some help: I didn’t understand how to release my app with In App Purchases extension integrated.
My app is published on the Play Store as an Android App Bundle (before the GDevelop update).
I only need to republish it after the new GDevelop update that add that feauture (and after set up the in-app products)?

Releasing the app as usual should work, no need to update GDevelop or do any extra work

But why the In App purchase menu doesn’t appear in GDevelop?

My menù has not it:

The online tutorial menù has it!

What’s my mistake?
I have the latest GDevelop version:

Thank you

This is an extension, you have to download it first.