[Solved] Numbers in object names

It seems like the option to use numbers in object names is not working if I begin with a number. I am using 5.0.0 Beta 117.

I cannot name my objects 1_player or 2_player, while one_player and two_player works fine but no numbers.


You can use 0-9 a-z not symbols -*?/"

Here with underscore

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Actually underscore works, but I tried object names such as 1 or 1Player and it still does not work. I can name it Player_1 but not 1_Player. I also can name it Player1 but not 1Player. Thats really weird.

You cannot use numbers at the beginning of variables or animation names either. Although they may not prompt you.

This isn’t a Gdevelop thing and is how fhe underlying programming language and renderer works.

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Ahh, ok. It just felt like I had done that before, but obviously not. Thanks!


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