[Solved] Opacity Transition Problem

Hello, my problem is that I want to make a transition to go to the scene (exit) and another to exit the scene (exit). It works well for me when entering the new scene, but trying to go back to the previous scene does not have the opacity effect that it did at the beginning. I have tried a lot of things. Here is a video so you know what I mean.
(Sorry if it is not well written, I have used the translator)
Thank you very much in advance for the help.

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1A2M41pQwDqQPVEbFr59ivCImQFwf4Wo5/view?usp=sharing


When you came back to the old scene, you are no more “at the beginning of the scene”.
You may use a “flag” variable.
When you change scene, put a scene variable new_scene=1.
If new_scene=1, you do the opacity effect animation, and then you put new_scene=0.

Also, you may use tweening for opacity, which works better than homemade solution based on timer (Tween behavior [GDevelop wiki])

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I don’t want to seem silly, but it hasn’t been clear to me, I have tried to do something similar to what you told me and I did not succeed.

I mean something like this:

You need firstly to activate the behavior for the object:

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Really, thanks so much. Trying to achieve this has taken me many hours and with your help I have done it in less than a minute. Thank you very much <3