[SOLVED] "Open directory" action

Kind of like “create a directory”. But instead opens the directory at the specified path.

It could be used for reasons like: in resource pack menu in Minecraft where you click the button to open resource pack folder. Or in my case, I would like to be able to look at a folder by clicking a button on my game that has saved files.

Keep in mind anything dealing with the filesystem won’t work on Web or Mobile targets.

However, you can already do this: the “Open a URL” action will open a local folder or file path. Keep in mind you will likely still have to build out the path using the normal expressions for filesystem (because fixed paths do not work the same on Windows as they do on Mac or LInux, the expressions are required to get the right path/delimiter/etc. So just doing C:\Windows will make your action not work on Mac/Linux/etc).

Oh, I’ll just mark this as solved.

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