[SOLVED]Optimize game so that animation runs smoothly

Hello, I am making a FNAF style game in Gdevelop, and all has been fine, except animations. I have a sprite which is supposed to be the jumpscare, and it’s animation is an image sequence of the rendered jumpscare (made in blender).
My initial vision is that when the jumpscare occurs, the image sequence plays smoothly to scare the player.

however when I play the game and the jumpscare occurs, it’s painfully slow, no matter how fast I set it to play. it seems to me that the game needs to load the images first, and in order to do that they need to be visible, but thats just a guess. it works fine when it runs more than twice. I have checked the “load in memory” option for each frame, and I tried compressing it which made it incredibly ugly.

The code is "if variable enemy position = 6
cursor/touch on lookbacktrigger = change animation of jumpscare to 0, (0 being the jumpscare)

You can “preload” the jumpscare, running it at the beginning of the game (In a layer behind everything so people wont see it)

Don’t forget the Trigger once