[SOLVED]Pause game while Admob is showing

Hi :slightly_smiling_face:

Im adding Admob to the platformer game Im working on and Im trying to make the game pause/stop while the interstitial ad is showing, so the player dont keep on going forward while the ad is showing. Have tried different solutions but none of them seems to work. Could it be that since I use the “test” mode for interstitial ads that it is not working?
My last idea was to set the time scale to: 0, while the ad was showing but the player just keeps on walking in the background.
Any ideas on how I could achieve this?

You basically need to make all of your events be a subevent of an event with a single condition and no actions of “Intersitial is showing (inverted)”

Have you tried putting time scale action before show ad action:

Thanks for helping out. Have also tried with the time scale, before show loaded interstitial action.
I ended up with creating a kind of pause menu so when the interstitial is playing, the game is paused and the pause menu is in the background. All working great now :slight_smile:
If anyone needs an example or are struggling with the same as I did i’ll post the conditions and actions I used. Maybe it could help someone along the way.