[SOLVED]Performance issues with my biggest game project after creating over 100 scenes, 20 enemies, 10 playable characters, few items and weapons, 64 levels and too much materials like music, sound fx and sprite sheets!

Yes. Something like that.

I’m going to assume it’s yes with the second one, so that helps us isolate it to a problem with the scene

I’m afraid nope. I didn’t used a occlusion culling stuff but just full sprite object of tilemap.

Can you make a list of Extensions and Behaviors you use in your game?

What your describing is a memory leak, kinda like what we were having with the FlexBox or Flex Container Extension.

Do you use that one?

Oh no sorry… i just saw the debugger video…

I dont see any problematic extension, in fact id say the ones you are using are kinda working relatively “well” i guess…

Still… its kinda interesting since what your describing is a memory leak, your game is slowing down over time… and i have no idea how to do that with just events.

So maybe theres another extension causing memory leaks?

I don’t have any extension installed but just on-screen and gamepad support on my largest project.


Here’s my Extension.

In one scene it doesn’t lag if you have too much enemies because i already optimized it everything i could. But when you play over hours straight with 22 level scenes it starts lagging. So it must be a tilemap png problems in largest sprite object.

Just to confirm, your using “Change Scene” and not “Pause and Start a new Scene” right?

What your experiencing is some sort of data pile up or memory leak… its got to be coming from some where

I actually using just “change scene” for sure but i didn’t put that “pause and start new scene” or an unusable thing.


So yeah i have to start tilemapping all over again but this time i directly putting the JSON files into GD5 instead of exporting as PNG that caused a lag and/or performance issues. Other things in EventSheet i optimized everything as much as i could.

It could be some variable for each event repeated again over scenes.It doesn’t looks like ure using heavy extensions.
Btw imho we reeeeallyyyy need a tilemap level builder inside gd with collision support and “mouse draw support”…Something faster than the actual editor.
I spent 5 years on Tiled and in the end its integration to GD is a fk…g mess.
It is fine if you’re making a single scene game…but with game like this…it’s just bad.