[Solved] Permissions of PNG when exporting to HTML5

When a picture is above a certain size for example 1024x768 and its an png file and it is exported to HTML5 the permissions are not set correctly on linux. there are no rw access and thus when its uploaded to a website it does not show the png files? Is this a bug?

No idea, but I assume that all the exported assets should have identical permissions.
Can you share a couple of screenshots with proper permissions for small image, and incorrect/different permissions for large image? I’ll forward that to the devs.

Thanks. Can you confirm which version of GDevelop 5 you’re using?
Here’s the bug report.

GDevelop 5.0.126 based on GDevelop.js 4.0.99-0-release.
Using the latest version. Thanks for the report.

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I have found the problem. It is not in Gdevelop but in inkscape. The asset was not made with the correct permissions by me. The bug report can be closed. Sorry for the hassle.

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