(Solved) Picking a random Object Issues

Hey! So I’m having an issue where I create 3 placeholder upgrades and tween 3 random upgrades (from off screen) to those positions that the player can select. About 90% of the time the 3 upgrades tween properly, but the other 10% of the time only 2 show up, sometimes although rarely, just 1 shows up. If I slow the tween speed I can see that (I’m assuming) they are choosing the same upgrade and fight for it?

I used the memory game example as a reference.

You can also play it here if you want to see. You should see the problem fairly quickly. Help is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:
Bullet Bunny by Penusbmic (itch.io)

Hi there, in the box with Pick randomupgrade1, add condition The variable picked of ugrade1 = 0 (or w/e your default). And put that condition above the Pick randomupgrade1 condition (in the same block).

Try that anyway.

Good idea! It works :slight_smile:

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