[SOLVED] Platform acting weird!

My player (black square) has a hitbox. I assign a behavior platformer to it and disabled the controls and gravity=0. The blue parts have platform behavior applied.
But it’s acting like the pic shows.


Check the platforms and the player hitboxes

I already did that. hitboxes are ok.

The platforms are simple or jumpthru platforms?

The platform behavior is simple.

I think the problem could be the way you assign that 24 to move the box, the way you’re doing it is instantly I mean every time the key is pressed add/subtract 24 instantly so the collision can not be evaluated as well and the player can move through the floor or wall.
If hit has a Platformer behaviour way you don’t try moving it with the regular methods like “move platform Left” …

So, why my object goes through my platform from top to down but not from bottom to top? It should act the same way for both movements. Or not?

Why are you using platform behaviour with no gravity while allowing movement in 4 directions? It seems like the wrong movement control for the game type.

Get rid of the platform behaviours and handle the collision with the platform type objects yourself. It’ll save you a lot of grief and more than likely solve the issue you are experiencing.

I was trying a lot of things. Nothing worked, But I solved in another topic. Thanks.