[SOLVED] Platform Tutorial step not working

I’m at part 6 of the Platform Tutorial, where you make the slime change directions. However, it only flips and stops. Tried following it exactly.



Unfortuantely, your screenshot does not match up with your statement.

You currently have not followed it exactly. I’d recommend reviewing the tutorial again, especially around the “Change the Enemies direciton” sections.

As a hint, you currently have numerous actions in the same event box that should not be.

If slime is in collision with left, you have to change the direction to “right”. Or not?
Your print doesn’t help much.

For Actions, use Add a force, not Add a force(angle)

Thanks! It works now.

Why? With “Add a force(angle)” working also.

You don’t need angle if you move only left and right.

But it works the same way. Is it just a matter of preference or is there some objective reason why you shouldn’t do this?

It works, but it’s 1 extra instruction for the program to read without needing. It keeps your code neater.

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