[Solved] Platformer Behaviour - 3 Separate Objects/Sprites stitched/joined together


I am still fairly new to gdevelop and was curious if its possible to have a player object with two other objects around it that would move with it (Tail, Body, Head [T][B][H]).

I have tried this with the physics behavior and welded two point together, however their is still some movement between the two joints (which would look weird when its suppose to look like 1 sprite) and I’d really like to use the Platformer Behaviour.

The reason I need 3 separate object is each one will be “upgradeable” and display a different sprite. Although I could just have the 3 sprites on the single object, I would then need to have a different sprite version for each upgrade choice (1 different choice would be 9 different sprites).

Any thoughts, idea’s etc would be greatly appreciated.

I have been able to get this working with non physics welds. I’ll throw a screenshot of the events below if anyone stumbles onto thread wanting to know the same.

  1. Create the Object(s)
  2. Store them somewhere on the scene.
  3. Create your points for where you want the objects to join (Edit Object, Edit Points).
  4. Attach the objects on scene create with Position of object.
  5. Have the positions updated constantly.