[Solved] Platformer character keeps getting stuck on background props, is there a behavior that can allow her to run in front of them?

Hello everyone, I am making a platformer and added Platformer behavior to both the character and the ability to run on platforms to my platforms, now my character keeps getting stuck on objects that are supposed to add to the scenery and I am unsure why. She just gets stuck and she can jump over one of them but when she gets to the houses which are supposed to be background props she gets stuck in the doorway randomly? (it’s actually quite comical but frustrating).

Is there any way that I can make it where she can run in front of the houses instead of get stuck on them? (or other objects).

Thank you!

  1. make sure the object your character gets stuck on do not have the platformer object behaviour attached
  2. use layers, and place the background objects on a layer that is presented behind the player’s layer
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Thank you this fixed it! It was because my character was not on the top layer.