[Solved] Player Animation only works for two levels

I have make a simple platform with three levels my player animation works perfect with first two levels but it doesnt work in level three. While i have same script in all three

Can you explain the problem more like how the animation doesn’t work, doesn’t play or doesn’t repeat or what?
And also, could you please screenshot your events and show it.

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It doesnt Work It doesnt play animation

Its only stucks on jump animations frame!!!

Hi, have you made changes in the Level3 scene?

No I copied all the scene from lv1 to lvl 3 without any changes

If not, then delete Level3 and Duplicate it again.

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Tried duplicating it but didnt work

When i duplicate lvl 1 ,i delete all things on screen like platform and enemies to make a new different level .Is it because of this?

I saw that there are some Delete PlayerHitBox actions and they are triggered by some variables, make sure that those variables are not causing the problem.

Yes, that may be it, check if the PlayerHitBox is in the scene

my chracter moves righ n left and jump but it does not change its animation.
i add these things when i delete level screen to make a new one

Could you send me your project files, I will check what’s wrong.

Bro i figured it out yipeeeeeeee
Thankooooooo veryyyyy muchhh broo!!!

I was adding two player hit box hehehe by mistake

Good that you figured it out quickly :+1:

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Great thanks to uuu!!!

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