[Solved] Player gets damaged too quickly

How do I…

I am trying to get the player to take damage from an object in this case it is an acid puddle, it is supposed to deal 1 heart of damage, but instead, it deals 1 damage every second

What is the expected result

I want the player to have some time to have time to get out of the puddle instead of dying instantly on collision.I have tried damage cooldown but then the player can just stand on the spikes without taking damage (the cooldown was 1 second)

What is the actual result

The player dies instantly.

Related screenshots

Add a Trigger once while true to the conditions. This will inflict the damage only one while the Robots collides with Acid.

I’d like to add to MrMen’s trigger once. I don’t understand the cool down but you could add the trigger once and a timer.

If collision with acid
Trigger once
Add damage, a sound or animation or particle effect and then Start a timer

New event
If collision with acid
If timer ≥ # of seconds

Then either apply more damage or full damage

If you apply more damage then restart the timer and maybe reduce the timer frequency to apply the damage quicker.

If it kills the player then delete the timer and either end the game, respawn or whatever you decide.

Thanks so much this worked perfectly!

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