[Solved] Player landing in centre of platform

Hello, when I run my platform game the player is landing in the centre of the platform rather than on top of it. It was working fine the past few weeks so I am really unsure as to why this is happening now… Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Check the collision masks and fix them to be appropriate according to the character and the platform. Also does it have the platform and platform character behaviors or the physics engine behavior because you need to set the width for physics engine objects in the behavior tab and also if the height and width are defined then check if there is any offset or not because that might be changing the position.

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Ooh, your graphics are sooooo cute.

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I have the collision masks correct and I am using the platform and platform character behaviours. I even created a new scene to test if it was still happening but it is working fine and I can’t see any difference between the two.

So you’ve checked the collision masks for both the character and the platform?

If so, then at the start of the scene, turn on debugging of bounding/collision boxes with :

If you can’t work out what playing the scene shows, post a screen shot of it all, making sure the character is part way through the platform.

This is the collision masks

Ok, not what I had expected.

Does the player have Platform Character behaviour, and the platform has Platform behaviour (Platform, not JumpThru platform or ladder)?

Does the player have only the platform character behaviour, or other behaviours too?

Are the player and platform on the same layer?

Yes the player has platform character behaviour and the platform has platform behaviour.
The player has only platform character behaviour.
They are both on the same layer.

Try deleting and remaking then assets or removing and adding the behaviors again.

@Eve, Is the screen shot you supplied taken partway through the game, or at the start? Can the character move from the position and if so, does it happen with the other floor objects?

If it doesn’t happen for other platforms, can you delete the offending platform from the scene and replace it with a fresh instance?

Not from the list of objects, as this will also delete any events that reference the object.

It is mid way through the game, it is happening with every platform.
I tried re-adding the images but same outcome

Can you create a new platform object using same image and platform behaviour, and place it in the scene? Does that too have the same issue?

It is still happening even if I create a new platform oject

Would you mind sharing your project? Just the offending scene, zipped up and put on a fileshare? You can either post the link here or PM me. I’ll download it and see if I can work out what’s going on.

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Could you PM me I can’t figure out how to send on the project please

Problem fixed. I was missing the Player Hit box. Thank you for your help :smile:

To elaborate for anyone who searches for this with similar symptoms - the OP is using a Hitbox object for collisions and a player object for animations, aligning the player object’s centre on the hitbox object centre.

The hitbox object’s image went awol, reducing the size of it’s collision box to 1x1. So the collision was a 1x1 box at the centre of the player object. Hence the player sprite submerged up the their middle in the platforms.